Join an Award-Winning Online Casino in India

We only ever want you to settle for the best when looking for an online casino in India. Our guide will supply you the top 10 sites to join and play in for 2019 and 2020. We have lined up award-winning platforms that are legally approved for the Indian market, so let’s get you ready to play!

Which online casino in India will you play in? Here is a top 3 list

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Presenting all the top-rated and legal online casinos in India

online caisno india

Gone are the days when the only land-based casino in India was the still fantastic Pride Casino where I spent my early adult hood. There are now many fantastic online casinos India players can join. The boom in online gambling is at its highest point, not just in India but across the entire globe. No longer is the idea of betting and gambling seen as a taboo subject. The practice of gambling online is now an open form of entertainment and we are looking to provide this to you with our top 10 sites that are legally approved for Indian players to register to right here (

Our site is a unique platform that not only offers you a list of sites. Here you will be able to read their reviews, independently cast and scored by previous and current players. We also invite you to read and explore the other articles we have on gaming and strategy play. This will help you to learn more about the betting options you will be faced with.

As a bonus, there is also a selection of free online casino games, which when combined with the articles, give players the perfect tool to learn from. It’s basically the #1 games strategy out there.

The greatest casinos online in India

When putting this site together, we wanted our readers to be able to access the best casino sites but not just for now but into 2020. Our top ten list will update with the times. Most guides online don’t update their site and you could be led into a casino that has an expired licensed, offers old games and the information will be out of date.

Part of our mission is to provide a sustainable platform that moves with the times. If a casino is no longer worthy of a top 10 spot and is being beaten by a new provider, then they will be replaced.

In forming the top ten list we look at all areas of what a typical casino has and assess whether they excel in the standards of service and entertainment. Each of the casinos listed for you to currently join are reviewed, these reviews will inform you on the 5 important areas we check, these are compared between sites and this is how we get to the stage of you picking where to play.

The top 5 key areas of a casino are;

✅ Games

✅ Software

✅ Banking

✅ Customer Support

✅ Promotions

Having an online casino that helps you to win makes them the best

Getting the right services from a casino can go a long way in helping a player achieve great success from their time playing. These Indian online casinos already come with award-winning status, but which will you choose to join?

There are many right ways that a casino can do things that assist a player away from the games that give them good credence for success. Let us backtrack in order to explain this and how you can benefit.

It would be fair to say that the majority of players online now, either picked the casino they are in because of one of two factors. 1. They copied their friends. 2. They went with a popular brand they saw advertised on the television.

This is totally fine to do, but taking this action is restrictive and you have willingly but unknowingly put yourself in a position where you may not get all the games you want, you may be missing out on better offers, you could be stuck with a site whose mobile gaming is actually awful and so on. The problem is, you would take this as standard because you did not check what else was available on the Indian market.

A look at services of the Indian casino online

Knowing about the services is valuable. Every bit of the casino has an effect and the more important factors of the service you may not even realize go on or existed. Here is an insider’s piece of advice that no other guide would dare share with you.

Inside each and every India online casino and those across the world have built into them what is called a management tool. This management tool is what stores all your gaming data. The tool knows your favourite games, it knows roughly what you spend inside the casino, it knows what you have won, when you last played and what game you last played on. Every action you take it is recorded.

Now, think of this. The management tool works in conjunction with the games, an easy example is, when the Internet disconnects and you reconnect, you can play from exactly the same position as last. There are more examples, but the important thing is this… the algorithms of the game in conjunction with your management tool will decide when you win long before you load a game up. This cache of data does get cleared, the longer the cache of data stays building up, the less likely you are to win.

A regulated casino, one that is licensed and one which is within the top 10 list, will clear the data regularly, once or twice a month. The benefits; well, players have a clean history, the game thinks you are a new player, you will win more frequently because it doesn’t know when you last played the game or how much you won from it previously.

This is just one of many things that go unseen and why service, the right kind of service, can help players become successful.

What are the online casino India legal terms?

Let us briefly discuss the legal aspects of gambling online in India. The online gambling India law is very clear, despite the scare stories spread about with incorrect information.

It is not illegal to gamble online. The law states clearly their one condition and that is players must not gamble in a casino which is registered within the national borders. When it comes to the Internet, there clearly are no borders and it’s a global entity. So, to make this clear, you can be within the border, but the casino has to be registered outside of it. These are the facts and this is why all online casinos in India are mainly registered in Europe.

Join only the best online casino in India

You now have the sites ready to join, you can now understand why they have been picked as the current best bunch of casinos for 2019 and 2020. You now only need to decide which one to join.

There is no one perfect online casino in India, what is good for you may not suit another player. Find the site that offers you the features you need and services that you require and it will be the best and perhaps perfect online casino in India for you.